Dog Hotel

Your furry four-legged friends can stay with us for a longer period of time.

We guaranty that it’ll be looking forward spending its holiday with us and our many friends at the Roelhoeve.

Dog Daycare

Your dog can enjoy a day visit in our day-care. It’ll be able to relax on our playground and it’ll enjoy the attention of our other visitors. 


Our vision might be different than those of most dog hotels.

It is never our intention to put a dog in kennels, feed it and clean the kennels. The dog may get stressed or even become aggressive or anxious in this kind of environment.


Dogs tend to live in small packs, they are a part of a family. When placed in a new and unusual environment, it’s important that it isn’t left alone.

Dogs can walk freely around the different playgrounds. This freedom allows the dog to discover everything on its own pace.


A dog demands lots of care and attention, it needs a friend to play with in an environment where it feels safe. This is only achievable when it’s entertained and attended to with a lot of care. That’s why we like to make them feel at home even though their favourite owner isn’t around. This way it’ll be easier for it to adjust to the new environment.


A stay in the Roelhoeve is primarily a social event. It’s not obligatory that the dog is able to interact with all other dogs. After all, it’s your decision if it can or cannot interact with other dogs on the dog run. But it is highly important that we can attach and detach a leash without being bitten.


Would you like to have a look at our backyard and receive more information?

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment

Would you like to have a look at our backyard and receive more information?

"Feel free to contact us and make an appointment"


The dropping off and picking up the dogs (after reservation) is possible between these hours:

Monday – Friday :      09h00 – 10h30 & 18h00 – 20h00

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 09h00 – 10h30